Infinite Paradise

About us

With my family, years ago we projected living in the nature with simplicity, in touch with fresh air, horses and mountains. After a lot of effort and work we would like to share with you part of our lives.

We are dedicated to agrarian wine tourism and fieldworks specialized in the breeding and training of Criollo horses, we have the proper infrastructure for the work mentioned before.

The personalization in our services and the permanent attention to every detail are the strengths and the pillars of Our Entrepreneurship. Estancia Entreandes is a place to enjoy the magnitude of Nature and freedom with the horses with quality and comfort provided by our infrastructure, always including the kindness of its owners and staff.

Criollo Horses

Familiarly we have been dedicated to the breeding of Criollo Horses since the 80's. Prior to that, my great-grandfather was a referent in the breeding and training of Race Horses, obtaining the best achievements at a national and international level in the tracks of Palermo and San Isidro.

Today we are able to combine this trajectory in the breeding, training and competition with the Criollo Horses. We have a herd of mothers and calves of the most recognized blood of America. We are the headquarters for the National Competition of the Corral de Aparte and the Association of Criollo Horses Breeders of Argentina has given us the honor of organizing the First Argentinean Western Credenciadora of the Freno de Oro, an event that selects the best specimens among the Morphology and Function of the Criollo Breed. Achieving one of the most outstanding of the 2017 and 2018 calendars. Continuously moving forward into the future looking for the most suitable blood combinations for the competitions. Criollo Horse Combines Beauty, Meekness, Stability, Agility and Nationality Capacity to Work with Cows.

With these animals we receive our guests.


Enterprise Outdoor Integration: It is a program that aims to increase the optimal performance in each of the jobs in the companies that are performed in nature, in this case with the support of infrastructure inside the scenarios of our farm, outside the context of everyday work.

Our Outdoor Business Integration are effective training and experiential learning programs through carefully chosen and sequentially programmed activities that are carried out outside of the usual work place and whose main objective is to raise awareness and change the behavior and paradigms of the participants, emphasizing as an element the following differential of emotional intelligence in work skills. People learn best when they have a direct exchange with their own experiences.

These programs are created and designed according to the needs of the organization and it can be range from a day outdoors with the realization of dynamics and games, to several days of adventure in our mountain landscapes. The longer the duration of the program, the more effective it is.

We also encourage teamwork and appreciation of the Company concept.

All with a high level of gastronomic support. We have a variety of scenarios according to the Group's requirements.

Socials events: Weddings, Company´s party at the end of the year

The House

With a privileged view, its panoramic windows are magnificent and near to the Andes Mountains, our guest house is decorated in its fullness in relation to the Argentine countryside, provided with all the comforts for the stay of our guests in a pleasant and comfortable way. It is suitable to receive guests all year and has central heating, central fireplace, unlimited WIFI to be connected 24 hours a day. With full attention and quality of its own Owners and Staff.



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